Forest Management Students’ Club (FMSC), Faculty of Forestry and Environment (FAHUTAN), IPB University, held Future Preparation, a development training of writing skill for scientific lecturer (16/4). The training carried out with the theme “Lets Write Go Publish” and presented by Rahmat Asyari (oustanding student of forest management) and Fitta Setiajiati S. Hut., M. Si (lecturer from faculty of forestry and environment)

Fution (Future Preperation) is an activity to increase the capacity of active students of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment, especially the Department of Forest Management in adding soft skills to support achievement. This training brought material to improve students’ soft skills in writing a scientific article which would certainly be useful in competitions or thesis preparation with was attended by more than 84 participants who came from Faculty of Forestry and Environment, IPB University.

On that opportunity, Fitta Setiajiati S. Hut., M. Si explain the motivation for how to write an article, given that the competitiveness in the field of scientific article competition is still low. because the motivation to benefit society and the spirit of competition are important things in the preparation of a scientific article.

Meanwhile, Rahmat Asyari explain how to make explains how to write an interesting article, starting from the outline of the topic to the stage of making it. he explained how a title and reading appealed to the judges in a competition and how an article was deemed worthy of being contested.



Penulis: Muhammad Arya Duta Hidayat

Penyunting: Fathya Shafrina Karyadi